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It has been noted that Gait deterioration can occur later in the teenage years and mobility becomes compromised.
The Gait studies involves people of all ages with Dravet Syndrome and looks at thier gait pattern, their ability to walk
and any changes seen physically and through x-rays.

Some children may develop a crouch gait as they go through teenage to adulthood. Progression doesnt happen with all
Dravet cases.
Progression may cause minor deterioration in some adults abitlity to walk.
Progression can be : pronation of feet & ankles, bending of the knees (not straigtening them), bending of the hips (so leaning forward),
knees turning in, calve tendons/muscles seem to shorten, as do tendons/muscles behind the knee.

Lots of walking and /or getting the child to reach up high to elongate and stretch out the muscles/tendons, can be some ways
of helping with this problem.

Vanessa does have this crouch gait problem..its not really severe..her right ankle has turned out  more, and she complains
of pain in her legs constantly. She has very tight calve muscles..and we try to keep her active, by going for walks alot, she plays
basketball and reaches up high to shoot for goals, also riding her bike. Here are some photos of Vanessa been part of the Gait studies
here in Melbourne , at the Gait Laboratory at the Royal Childrens Hospital, also some photos of her posture at the moment.

More research is currently been done on this Gait problem, we now need to identify the causes of these changes, so that this can be



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